In this episode of the Wellness in China podcast I speak with Dan Siekman, co-founder of the popular natural fruit energy bar, Dali Bar.   Dali Bar uses natural ingredients like figs, almonds, cashews, ginger, cacao powder, dates etc. to make some of the best tasting energy bars I’ve ever had.   They are more […]

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Wellness in China podcast. In this episode I speak with Christin Wu , the founder of Essentials Protein Bar, one of Shanghai’s first cafes for sports nutrition. I wanted to speak with Christin for a couple reasons. For one, she was born and raised in Shanghai, and I’m […]

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In this episode, I speak with Grace Xu, founder and CEO of Viva Nutrition. Traditionally, China’s approach to nutritional supplements has been in the form of Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies, and the Chinese people do not yet have a strong habit of filling in nutritional deficiencies with regular supplementation. Western approaches to supplements, and the […]

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