Doris Rathgeber of Body and Soul Medical Clinics

John Vallis interviews Doris Rathgeber, the founder of Body and Soul Medical Clinics

Welcome back to another episode of the Wellness in China podcast. Today on the show I am joined by entrepreneur, practising Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and all around exceptional woman, Doris Rathgeber. Doris is the founder of Body and Soul Medical clinics, and is one of the head TCM physicians there. Doris has been in China for over 20 years, and founded Body and Soul shortly after graduating from 5 years of studying at the University for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology, which she did in entirely in Chinese! Since that time Body and Soul has become a very well-known and trusted medical clinic, providing a broad range of treatments, including TCM, Chiropractic, Psychotherapy, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Infertility, Nutritional Counselling and much more. Though Body and Soul is open to treating any patient that walks through its doors, Doris tells me that western and Japanese expats are the most common patients, and that almost all of their patients come by way of referral. With now four clinics spread across Shanghai, Doris and her team are bringing extremely high-quality and a refreshingly broad array of medical services to an ever-growing number of people. Of course, with so much to manage, I couldn’t keep Doris from her work for too long, so we had to move fast in this episode. Among those topics discussed, I asked Doris to not only explain the incredibly complex system that is TCM, but I also asked her to speculate on the kind of worldview that led to the emergence of this ancient medical system. I also asked her to explain the foundational concept of ‘Chi’, her take on the pollution in China, what it is like being an entrepreneur in a foreign country, and why the ‘soul’ in Body and Soul. Finally, Doris had some great answers to my usual probing for advice, particularly to those in the health and wellness industry who may be considering coming to China to get involved. I’m sure Doris and I could have talked for hours, so if you like the show, let us know in the comments section in iTunes, and I’ll do my best to get her to come on again in the future. So without further ado, the founder of Body and Soul Medical Clinic, Dr. Doris Rathgeber.

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