Thames Wagantrapavich is the co-founder of gre3n coconut water and is an all around interesting dude. Thames Wagantrapavich是gre3n品牌椰子饮料的联合创始人。同时,他也是一个性格风趣的家伙。 gre3n is a scrappy little startup that burst on the scene with it’s best-in-class coconut water and fun, funky attitude, that has since seen it partner with several of China’s leading health and wellness brands. gre3n是一家小规模公司,凭着其有趣的企业文化、尖锐的生意眼光与品质至优的椰子饮料,获得了中国几家顶尖健康品牌的青睐。 Without […]

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