Dan Siekman of Dali Bar

Dan Siekman of Dali Bar joins John Vallis on the Wellness in China podcast.
Dan Siekman, co-founder of Dali Bar

In this episode of the Wellness in China podcast I speak with Dan Siekman, co-founder of the popular natural fruit energy bar, Dali Bar.


Dali Bar uses natural ingredients like figs, almonds, cashews, ginger, cacao powder, dates etc. to make some of the best tasting energy bars I’ve ever had.


They are more and more prevalent in shops and restaurants in Shanghai these days, so that, combined with how impressed I’ve always been with the product, inspired me to get one of the founders on the show to share the Dali Bar story.


We cover a lot of ground in this episode (as usual), talking about Dan’s journey to being an entrepreneur after a slew of unsatisfying roles, the amazing pre-founding story of Dali Bar and the other successful ventures the team has been involved in, the challenges they are facing in communicating their brand values and scaling to a larger customer base, and lots more.


One of the big takeaways from this episode, is the patience and perseverance that Dan and his team have exhibited, and their core motivations for their businesses that allow them to take a ‘long-term’ approach, in an era where so many are discouraged if success does not materialize immediately.


Lots here for anyone looking for more insight on the realities of entrepreneurship, especially those looking to start niche products here in China, and the mindsets and tactics required to give yourself a leg up.


Finally, this was our first ’sponsored’ episode, so thanks to Dali Bar for the box full of delicious bars!


Learn more about their awesome company at www.dalibars.com






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