Building a Brawler EP10: Beast Mode!

A 10-week series following John Vallis as he prepares to fight at the Brawl on the Bund boxing match.

We’re here.


In a couple days, it’ll all be over.


What a great journey it has been, and just a few days until fight night.


John Vallis fights in the 'Brawl on the Bund' on December 3rd in Shanghai!

John Vallis fights in the ‘Brawl on the Bund’ on December 3rd in Shanghai!

At this point, the hard work is done, and it’s just about staying sharp and fresh.


Shanghai's top health and wellness brands supporting Dr. John for his upcoming fight at the Brawl on the Bund

The final week has been mostly sparring for me, building up my ‘ring cardio’ and sharpening things up. There’s not much you can learn and actually integrate into your game in just one week, so again, the focus has been on polishing what is there already.


Other than that I feel lean, strong and fast — ready for battle.


Final Body Metrics:

Start Weight: 88.5KG

Start Body Fat: 15.6%

End Weight: 84KG

End Body Fat: 12.5%

Closing thoughts:


I’ve been mostly focused on preparation lately, so I haven’t reflected too much on the whole experience. Besides, I’ll do most of that when it’s all over (and do a ‘Week 11’ post). But like I’ve said in the past, it’s interesting to notice all the internal chatter that goes on as a large challenge looms. On the one hand, this is exactly the sensation that I was seeking when I signed up for this. To challenge myself, to put something scary on the horizon and rise to the test, work hard, overcome fear, and learn about myself more deeply than before. Of course, it’s easy to romanticize about that journey at the beginning, and it sounds good on paper, but then the reality of it all begins to set in, and you realize, ‘oh yeah, this is REALLY going to challenge me, to push me beyond my limits, and it’s GOING to be uncomfortable. There are GOING to be aspects about it that will make you second guess your decision, maybe even try to convince you that it isn’t that important. But, I believe, this is the monkey mind. The little comfort-seeking rascal inside you that wants you to preserve a certain image of yourself, regardless of the ‘truth’. It becomes clear that even if the reason for embarking on this kind of challenge wasn’t entirely obvious at the beginning, it is now, and it’s exactly that little rascal that you wanted to shake up, or to get greater control over, so that more of ‘you’ can emerge. As the fight draws near, he seems to make his final last-ditch efforts to stay relevant, and though it’s not necessarily easy (despite understanding the process underway), it’s pretty awesome to be able to gain control over that dude and put him in his place, and show him who the REAL boss around here is:)  Does that make any sense?

最近,我一直专注于赛事准备,还未来得及回顾整个过程的体验。等比赛结束以后,我将会在第11周的帖子里与大家分享。正如我之前所说的,当前面有一项巨大的挑战等着您去迎接,心理的锐变过程是十分玩味的。这恰恰是我作为一名拳击手所要追求的——勇于挑战自我、自强不息、克服恐惧、自我反省。当然了,若一开始想要浪漫化这段历程是很简单的事;而实际上,当您上了路才会意识到 :哦!这真是一大挑战,它会把我推向极限、把我逼出舒适区!所面对的各种困难都会动摇您当初的决定,甚至试图困惑您,让您认为自己正在做的这件事不是那么重要、非完成不可。我认为这都是心思不专所导致的,是心理在作祟,企图把您赶回舒适区内,让您变回原来那个懦弱的自己。虽然一开始踏上这段路程的理由并不明确,但此时此刻,您的思维得清晰起来,您确定要击败内心的魑魅魍魉,以塑造一个更强大的自己。当比赛渐渐逼近,我内心的那个鬼魅还在试图说服我放弃。虽然要战胜它并非易事,但是我终究成功控制了它,不让它继续嚣张作祟。我要让心里的那个鬼魅知道,这里究竟谁作主!这有意思吗?呵!不闹了!

Shanghai's top health and wellness brands supporting Dr. John for his upcoming fight at the Brawl on the Bund

That’s me signing off. I’d like to express a sincere thank-you to everyone who has followed along during the series, I hope you enjoyed it! Would also like to say how grateful I am to those sponsors who have been ‘in my corner’ supplying me with some of their amazing products during training.

Wish me luck! I’ll be back next week with a recap on the whole experience….now if you’ll excuse me there’s a trophy I need to go winJ


Quote of the Week:


“F.E.A.R: Forget Everything and Run?…nah, Face Everything and Rise!”

“F.E.A.R (恐惧): Forget Everything and Run?(忘掉一切并逃避?)…nah (不), Face Everything and Rise!(面对一切并反抗!)”

Building a Brawler Week 10 Quote of the Week!

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