Building a Brawler EP5: Sparring!

A 10-week series following John Vallis as he prepares to fight at the Brawl on the Bund boxing match.

Sparring has started!


In this episode, I discuss my first experience sparring, immediately after getting home from the session.


The sparring was more intense than I expected, and I took a few good shots to the face and gut, but came out more or less unscathed (though I had a bit of a headache afterwards, and my nose is still a little tender).


Here, I talk a bit about the fear and the anxiousness associated with getting hit, and speculate on some ways that I may be able to improve before the next time.


Fighters / fights are being chosen this week! The plan (I hear) is to spar all the people in our respective weight classes on Friday, and then the fights will be picked that night!


Check out the episode for some more real talk:)


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