Building a Brawler EP1: Getting Started!

A 10-week series following John Vallis as he prepares to fight at the Brawl on the Bund boxing match.

Welcome to the first episode of ‘Building a Brawler’!

In this series I’ll be chronicling the 10 weeks of boxing training leading up to the ‘Brawl on the Bund’ in Shanghai on Dec 3rd.

I’ll be documenting everything to do with the preparation for fight night, including diet, fitness training, technique development, rest and recovery, the emotional ups and downs and pretty much anything else that pops in to my head that I think would be fun to share with you!

So far I’m three training sessions in, and can already tell there will be lots of work to do over the next ten weeks to get ready, but it’s gonna be fun!

Backing me up during my training are some of the awesome local health and wellness brands in Shanghai. I reached out to them because I use their products already, so no gratuitous sponsors here, just great products that I love to use.


Check em out here:

Website / WeChat / saucepan / farmhousejuice / gogre3n / gutsxglory

Yummy Avocados WeChat: Y15618935663 / HungryFoolish


Feel free to send feedback, suggestions or anything else to [email protected]

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